General Regulation

Download "Guide to Exhibit" (PDF).

1. Booth Rental Fees

  Size Per Booth Consumption Tax(8%)(※) Total
Organizers' Members 9m 2 (3m×3m) JPY270,000 JPY21,600 JPY291,600
Members of Cooperating Organizations,
and Overseas Associations
9m 2 (3m×3m) JPY300,000 JPY24,000 JPY324,000
9m 2 (3m×3m) JPY360,000 JPY28,800 JPY388,800

※The consumption tax rate is 8% in accordance with the Consumption Tax Act. The consumption tax rate as of the last date of removal (Friday, November 25, 2016) will be applied regardless of the date of payment for the exhibition.

The "Overseas Associations" are associations which had taken part in the International Information Center at the 25th, 26th and 27th JIMTOF. Members of overseas associations shall apply for the fair through the association of which they hold the membership. Overseas government agencies which Organizers admit have same conditions as overseas associations.
*For participation in the past three exhibitions, contact: Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association
A 10% discount granted for the application of 21 booths or more. (No discount granted for 20 booths or less)
For example, if a member of an overseas association applies for 30 booths,
  1-20 booth: 20 booths x JPY300,000 = JPY6,000,000
21-30 booth: 10 booths x JPY270,000 = JPY2,700,000
8% Consumption Tax: JPY696,000 TOTAL AMOUNT: JPY9,396,000

Booth specifications:
Space Only (If Exhibitors need partitions, Organizers will prepare partitions that they have. The partitions make the booth space a little bit smaller by their thickness.)  
*For package booths including basic decorations, please refer to "Exhibitors Manual".
Booth rental fees include the following:
  1. Exhibition space during the trade show as well as the delivery/removal periods.
  2. Exhibitor's badges. (The number of the badges provided differ according to the size of booth.)
  3. Invitations (The number of the invitations provided differ according to the size of booth.)
  4. Listing on the Official Guidebook and its offer.*1  
  5. Listing on JIMTOF official website.*1
*1 Listing of co-exhibitors and represented companies costs additionally.
Payment of utility usage and service fees (after the trade show):
We charge for the utility usage and service as below after the trade show.
  1. Use of electricity, water supply & drainage, compressed air, communication equipment, and flooring works

  2. Visitor Invitations' fee beyond the provided number

  3. Use of meeting or conference rooms

  4. Advertisements on the organizer-issued printed materials

  5. Publication of information on co-exhibitors and represented companies in the official guidebook and on the official website.

  6. Other service provided by the Organizer

*Please see the "Exhibitors Manual" for more details.

2. Exhibition Application and Agreement

Application Period
  Application Period
Members of Organizers, Cooperating Organizations, and
Overseas Associations
October 1 - October 31, 2015
Non-members (Domestic/Overseas) November 1 - November 30, 2015
*Please note that applications will only be accepted during the above period. Any application submitted later than the deadline is not acceptable.
*Applications ARE NOT handled on a first-come-first-served basis. Organizers decide to receive an application taking the classification of exhibits into account. Some application may not be accepted as stated in 2- 4.
Application Schedule (It may be changed according to the situations)