Advertising in the "Official Guidebook"

Fees for ads
Type Size (mm) Color Numbers Price (Tax included)
Outside Back Cover H210
4 1 JPY 702,000
Inside Front Cover & Facing Page 1 each JPY 486,000
Inside Back Cover & Facing Page 1 each JPY 432,000
Inside Pages (Front & Back) Unlimited JPY 270,000
Inside Pages Black & White Unlimited JPY 108,000

Please submit Order Form 12 to Fair Management Office on the Exhibitors Website. If multiple companies applied on the same page, Fair Management Office will decide the placement. The exhibitors will be charged for the service after the fair.

Application deadline: Not later than September 21 (Wed.)
Application: Order Form 12 "ADVERTISEMENTS (Official Guidebook/Guide Map)"

Submission deadline: October 14 (Fri.)
Submit to Tokyo Big Sight Inc., JIMTOF Fair Management Office by e-mail
Data format: Illustrator CS3

Text translation service (Pay Option)

An exhibitor requiring translation service for the Official Guidebook and Online Catalogue, please contact the contact below.

Contact: Linktrans Simul Inc.
TEL: +81-3-6226-3212   Email:
*Please specify a translation for JIMTOF when you contact us.

Advertisements in the"Guide Map"

During the six days of the exhibition, the "Guide Map" (Japanese and English) showing the position of the booths for all exhibitors will be distributed free of charge to all visitors. The exhibitors who placed the advertisements in the "Guide Map" would be emphasized by placing the company logo on their booth location. It would help promoting visitors to visit the exhibitor's booth.

  • Date of Publication: November 17 (Thu.), 2016 (first day of the fair)
  • Number of copies printed Japanese version: about 150,000, English version: about 15,000
  • Place of distribution: Throughout the exhibition halls (entrance/East Hall/West Hall/passages)
  • Size A4 (planned)
Type Size (mm) Color Number Price (tax included)
Japanese H55
4 15 JPY 216,000
English 2 15 JPY 108,000
Japanese & English Set As above As above JPY 270,000

*Please make sure to put your booth number in your ad data.
*There might be a case that the advertisements will not be placed on the same page with exhibitor's location.

Application deadline: Not later than September 21 (Wed.)
Application: Order Form 12 "ADVERTISEMENTS (Official Guidebook/Guide Map)"

Submission deadline: October 14 (Fri.)
Submit to Tokyo Big Sight Inc., JIMTOF Fair Management Office by e-mail
Data format: Illustrator CS3 *should be outlined.
Please submit the company logo: which will be posted on the booth location in the Guide Map.

Website Banner Advertisement

  1. Inserted onto the top page
  2. Published format: GIF/JPEG
  3. Displayed during the four months from August 1 (Mon.), 2016 to November 30 (Wed.), 2016.
  4. Size: 60 (H) × 156 (W) pixels
  5. Price: 270,000 yen (tax included)
  6. How to apply: Submit Order Form 9 to Fair Management Office by July 22 (Fri.) on the Exhibitors Website. The exhibitors will be charged for the service after the fair.
  7. Date submission
    • Submission deadline: Friday, July 22
    • Submit to: Tokyo Big Sight, JIMTOF Fair Management Office
    • E-mail:
    • Submission format: Banner file size: 10KB or less
    • Banner file format: GIF or JPEG format
    • Submission method: By e-mail Upload the file on the Exhibitors Website.

On-site advertisement

The advertisement space is set in the common use area in the site. Please make use of the space for promotional purposes.
Setting period: 6 days from November 17 (Thu.) to November 22 (Tue.)
Details: As shown below
No. Location AD TYPE Price
(Tax included)
Number of
1 Entrance Plaza (Outdoor) Bottom of Outdoor
display frames
JPY 216,000 4
2 Conference Tower 1F Passage Column sign JPY 216,000 4
3 South Concourse Column sign JPY 540,000 2
4/11 In front of landing platform of East Hall /
West Hall Escalators
Floor sheet JPY 324,000 East: 1
West: 2
5 Atrium (West Hall 1F) Column sign JPY 324,000 4
14 West Hall Atrium Banner above escalator JPY 280,800 4
6/12 East Hall /
West Hall Entrance
Entrance arch JPY 324,000 2 for each hall
7/13 East Hall /
West Hall Booth Information
Bottom of the hall overview onsite JPY 54,000 -
8 Connecting bridge (Both sides) Indoor display board JPY 162,000 15 each at
East and West
Connecting bridge (One side) Indoor display board JPY 108,000
*8-e: East Hall exhibitor has priority, 8-w: West Hall exhibitor has priority
9 East Hall 1F Galleria Mediaway Banner JPY 162,000 18
10 East Hall 1F Galleria Column sign JPY 324,000 5
15 Exhibit Hall (interior) Above booth banner Setting up Above Booth Banner
(For 21 or more booths)*
Application method
Apply by using Order Form 13 by September 21 (Wed.) to Fair Management Office on the Exhibitors Website. Exhibitors will be charged after the fair.
  • Data submission
    • Submission deadline: October 14 (Fri.)
    • Submit to: Tokyo Big Sight Inc., JIMTOF Fair Management Office by e-mail
    • E-mail:
    • Data format: Illustrator CS3
    • Image resolution: Around 100 dpi in original size
  • Notes
    • Multiple applications can be submitted by one company. However, when the number of applications exceeds the allotted number, Fair Management Office decides which companies may use the space.
    • We do not accept application when the content of the advertisement is not related to the fair.

※Setting up Above Booth Banner (For 21 or more booths)

The following is information for exhibitors who wish to set up banners above the booths. To ensure safety as well as smooth delivery and removal, Fair Management Office is selling packages that include banner creation and hanging. Exhibitors who wish to take advantage of this package should fill in the Order Form 15 Submit the form to Fair Management Office by September 21 (Wed.) on the Exhibitors Website, along with a diagram of the installation position and the design data. The following conditions must be observed when setting up a banner.

  1. Requirement for setting up
    More than 21 booths of exhibit at one location may apply for banners.
  2. Number of banners
    The number of banners that can apply depends on the total number of exhibit of booths.
    Number of booths Number of banners allowed
    21 - 40 1 sheet
    41 - 60 2 sheets
    61 - 80 3 sheets
    81 - 100 4 sheets
    101 or more booths 5 sheets
  3. ※One special size is calculated as two basic size.
    ※Fair Management Office will confirm the position of the banner considering the regulations for fire prevention. Contact Fair Management Office if you have any request.
  4. Price
    The following information indicates the price for banner installation. The fees include banner printing, hanging, and removal.
      Basic Size
    (3600mm length × 4500mm wide)
    Special Size
    (3600mm length × 9000mm wide)
    Exhibition Hall
    Exhibition Hall
    Exhibition Hall
    Exhibition Hall
    (One side print)
    JPY 518,400/Sheet JPY 432,000/Sheet JPY 1,036,800/Sheet JPY 864,000/Sheet
    (Both sides print)
    JPY 691,200/Sheet JPY 648,000/Sheet JPY 1,382,400/Sheet JPY 1,296,000/Sheet
    *The above prices include 8% tax.
  5. Setup conditions
    The following setup conditions must be observed to avoid problems with the structure of the facilities and to ensure safety according to the Fire Defense Law.
    • The lowest point of regulation banners must be at least 11m from the floor. (However, this may be different depending on the exhibition hall.)
    • The position where the banner is hung must be within the boundaries of the booth. However, if there are problems due to the structure of the facilities, Fair Management Office may request an exhibitor to change the hanging position. After the banner has been set up, the hanging position cannot be changed.


Newspaper published by the organizer will be distributed at the venue everyday during the fair.
Exhibitors can also place advertisement on this daily newspaper, so please make good use of this opportunity.

Contact: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
14-1, Nihombashi Koami-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8548, Japan