Overall Site Structure

※Image for illustrative purpose only.
※One Area per company.
Image of exhibitor booth page

※Image for illustrative purpose only.
  • ①Company name + Main visual
     A symbolic image of your booth can be displayed.
  • ②Arrow
     Move to other exhibitor booth pages in the same category.
  • ③Chat Function option
     The window can be moved freely.
  • ④Register as a favorite
     Visitors can register exhibitors as their favorites.
  • ⑤Visitor Information Provision
     Clicking here, visitor information is provided to the exhibitor, and exhibitor information is also provided to the visitor.
  • ⑥Highlight
     Recommended content can be offered here.
     ※Image (one item), title, and text
  • ⑦Exhibit Information
     This section contains the product names, product descriptions and product images (one image per product) that are posted on the Exhibit Information Page.
     Clicking here, move to each Exhibit Information Page.
  • ⑧Questionnaire option
     Questionnaires can be conducted for visitors.
  • ⑨Corporate Profile
     Corporate information can be posted.
     Exhibitors can add information: Company name, address, telephone number, fax, email address and URL.
  • ⑩Inquiry form
     Visitors can make inquiries to the exhibitor.
  • ⑪Back to Top Page
Exhibit Information Page

※Image for illustrative purpose only.
  • ①Product Name
     Product information can be posted:
    • Product Name
    • Product descriptions
    • Product image (one item)
  • ②Details of the product
     Details of the product can be posted:
    • Product Details Title
    • Product Details (Text)
    • Product image or product video (either one item)
  • ③Product variation
     The variation of the product can be posted:
    • Product Variation Name
    • Product Variation Comments
    • Variation images of products
  • ④Download product materials
     Product materials can be posted:
    • Product data for download
  • ⑤Back to the top of the exhibitor booth page
  • ⑥The list of products of the exhibitor is displayed.