About JITMOF2020 Online

JIMTOF2020 Online is the on-line exhibition where cutting-edge machine tools, their related equipment and technologies are gathered from around the world and used as a platform for sophisticated communications.

Structure of JIMTOF2020 Online
Online Exhibition It provides information on products, technologies, and services, and is used to publicize and disseminate information to visitors. Online functions such as questionnaire, chat function, and providing seminar videos support successful business talks.
Online Seminars We will distribute highly specialized seminars that only JIMTOF can offer such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge technologies, and besides Top Seminar for students. Various seminars are available on demand and can be watched again.
Please see the overall site structure here.
Features of JIMTOF2020 Online
Anytime, Anywhere -connecting with JIMTOF2020 Online

Visitors can participate in JIMTOF2020 Online anytime, anywhere. We anticipate participations of those who were unable to attend the physical exhibitions before because everyone is accessible to the latest information without restrictions of either time or location.
In addition, the archive period starts after the close of the fair, and it enables to provide continuously information for about one month.

Platform for promoting product information

We provide an exhibit information page for each product, where promoting products and technologies with images and videos. With regard to new products and technical information, not only the exhibition page but also PR areas where only new products can be viewed are planned.

Generating business opportunities with visitors

We offer a function to acquire information from visitors who are interested in exhibitor's products and services. (Exchange Business Card)  In addition, the chat function (option menu) can be used for communication in real time.

Promotional Activities for Visitors
Advertising and publicity campaigns

Announcements of JIMTOF2020 Online will be posted in national newspapers and trade papers and on various internet media. We will promote publication of the article about the fair, before and after the event, among influential foreign media specialized in machine tools.

Delivery of information on the official website and SNS

Through our official website, which has access of over two million people per month, we disseminate information of the fair, including various seminars, other programs and how to use the online exhibition. Furthermore, we will post updates on our official social networking service (Facebook and Twitter).

Delivery of information via e-mail magazines

E-mail newsletters will be sent to those who have registered in JIMTOF 2016/2018 in order to continuously generate interest for the period up to the fair. (Scheduled for 7 times) (Reference: approx. 147,000 visitors from JIMTOF2016 and approx. 153,000 visitors from JIMTOF2018)

Request for cooperation in Japan to attract visitors

To increase the number of visitors, we will conduct organizational promotion activities such as requesting the cooperation from industrial associations, administrative agencies, and concerned bodies throughout Japan.