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Monday, November 23, 10:00 a.m. to Friday, November 27, 5:00 p.m.
Keynote Speech

16 November (Mon.) 14:00~15:00 
*Redistribution for Overseas : 24:00-25:00

"Bringing the joy and freedom of movement to all" -Automated Driving technology for the future mobility society-

Technological advancement has led to an increased focus on development competition in the automated driving field. I will introduce Toyota's approach to automated driving, and talk about its impact and the possible challenges we face implementing it in the wider society

Senior General Manager
Advanced Safety System Field, Advanced R&D and Engineering Company
Toyota Motor Corporation
Ken Koibuchi

17 November (Tue.) 11:00~12:00
*Redistribution for Overseas : 23:00-24:00

Quantum computing: Status and prospect of its research and development

Quantum computing has recently been attracting increased interest. I will explain in-depth analyses and prospects of the research and development of quantum computing including what will become possible with quantum computers, how far we are to the final goal, and the status of Japan relative to the whole world.

Specially-appointed Professor
Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hidetoshi Nishimori

17 November (Tue.) 14:00~15:00 
*Redistribution for Overseas : 24:00-25:00

"Make your dreams come true with manufacturing"
Yuki Precision continues to challenge to become an innovator company that supports the aerospace industry.

Yuki Precision found the strength of its own technology and reformed it toward R & D.
We will talk about the path of Yuki Precision's ever-changing challenges and future prospects, including the Factory Scientist course.

YUKI Precision Co., Ltd.
YUKI Holdings Inc.
Masato Otsubo

18 November (Wed.) 11:00~12:00
*Redistribution for Overseas : 23:00-24:00

On our Future Living with AI ~The truth is, AI is much more ignorant and far more intelligent~

I'll briefly talk about AI’s history, current situation around the AI third boom, and the advantage and disadvantage in its application to real environments. Also, relationship between human and AI in future will be discussed.

Professor, National Institute of Informatics
Professor, SOKENDAI
Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Ex-president, advisor, JSAI
Seiji Yamada

18 November (Wed.) 14:00~15:00 
*Redistribution for Overseas : 24:00-25:00

Future trend based on the basics of Additive Manufacturing using metallic materials

Innovative high functionality and light weight have become a reality with AM using metal materials. In this talk, the basic principles, advantages and disadvantages of some typical metal AM processes will be described, and the latest trends in metal AM in Japan and overseas will be introduced.

Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Hiroyuki Sasahara

19 November (Thu.) 11:00~12:00
*Redistribution for Overseas : 23:00-24:00

5G Network creates new society service -From big data to dynamic big data-

In 5G and Beyond 5G Network, all IoT and Sensors are connected to the network. AI function with Edge computer creates sophisticated control method and services. After COVID-19, new society service is driven by data in this network.

Professor, Department of Information and Computer Science, Keio University
Director, Keio Leading-edge Laboratory of Science and Technology
Naoaki Yamanaka

19 November (Thu.) 14:00~15:00 
*Redistribution for Overseas : 24:00-25:00

Industrial Disaster Prevention against Various Disasters

Looking back on the impact of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, wind and flood damage and infectious diseases on the history of mankind, and pointing out the vulnerability of highly interdependent modern society which is streamlined, I will consider issues for companies to overcome the various disasters anticipated in the future.

Director of the Center / Professor
Disaster Mitigation Research Center
Nagoya University
Nobuo Fukuwa
Special Seminar

20 November (Fri.) 11:00~12:00 
*Redistribution for Overseas : 24:00-25:00

Moving Gundam in Yokohama ~GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE~

In this talk, the unprecedented challenges for realizing a moving real-sized 18 m Gundam, GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE, will be explained. World leading manufacturing techniques, robotics technologies and the dreams for the future will be the primary topics.

Director of Incorporated Association GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE
(President & CEO, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.)
Yasuo Miyakawa
GGC Leader
(Professor emeritus of Waseda University)
Shuji Hashimoto
GGC Leader
(Professor in School of Engineering, Chukyo University)
Pitoyo Hartono
GGC Technical Director 
Akinori Ishii
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