Exhibitor services: Maximize your ROI at JIMTOF

Fine-grained visitor data

JIMTOF uses a proprietary visitor management system, making possible accurate visitor counts and customer management that are both timely and efficient. Fine-grained visitor data facilitates more reliable follow-up contacts after the show has concluded.

Exhibitor workshops

JIMTOF also holds workshops at which you can introduce visitors to state-of-the-art technologies and solutions in a variety of fields. The inclusion of information about your workshop in official event materials and on the website represents an excellent opportunity to promote your company's products and services.

Online exhibitor catalogue

Detailed information about your company and booth location will be published on JIMTOF's official website one month prior to the event. Product descriptions featuring photos will make your presence more visible and help spur new opportunities.

Student recruiting events

JIMTOF also provides comprehensive support for interactions between students and companies, for example by hosting a variety of events designed to bring together exhibitors and students who are interested in working in the industry.

Tokyo Big Sight: The JIMTOF venue
Tokyo Big Sight is Japan's largest exhibition and conference complex, with a total exhibition area exceeding 80,000 square meters. Over 300 exhibitions and over 1,000 conferences are held annually, and the number of visitors to the complex exceeds 11 million every year. In January 2011, Tokyo Big Sight celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Worldwide promotional activities for visitors
A variety of promotional activities are planned to attract as many visitors to JIMTOF as possible. Foreign journalists will be invited to a prelaunch briefing on JIMTOF, which will conclude with a visit to the factory of one of Japan's leading machine tool manufacturers. Advertorials running in various overseas newspapers will generate publicity for JIMTOF 2012 worldwide.

Press conferences and other promotional activities at major tradeshows in Japan and overseas.
CIMT 2011 (China), TIMTOS 2011 (Taiwan) EMO Hanover (Germany), SIMTOS 2012 (Korea), IMTS 2012 (U.S.A), etc.

Convenient access from all over the world
Tokyo Big Sight is easily accessible not only from central Tokyo and all other regions of Japan, but also from around the world. Tokyo Big Sight is located near major airports, so it only takes 60 minutes to reach from Narita Airport and about 25 minutes from Haneda Airport.
Augmenting an extensive selection of existing flights to Asian cities, Haneda Airport's new international terminal makes it easier than ever to get to Tokyo from major cities around the world.

Enjoy Tokyo, enjoy Japan: Having fun after the convention
Traditional arts such as Kabuki and Noh. The national sport of Sumo. A food culture that allows visitors to enjoy not only Japanese food but also an extensive range of sophisticated world cuisines. A new Tokyo culture that can be found in the neighborhoods of Roppongi and Akihabara. The city of Tokyo offers all of these attractions, and more. You can also arrange day and overnight trips to enjoy the year-round scenic beauty of famous Japanese tourist destinations such as Nikko, Hakone, Kamakura, and Kyoto.
JIMTOF will appoint an offical travel agent and provide various services to participants from overseas.