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Free of charge
Keynote Speech
International Conference Room, Conference Tower 7F

November 1 (Thu.) 13:30~14:30

Technological innovation needed for EV performance improvement

Responding to the shift of automotive industry toward EV with Vehicle Intelligence, the manufacturing field is about to make a change. In this trend, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, has already introduced more than 300 thousands EV into the global market. Based on this experience, the lecture presents the core technologies needed for EV performance improvement and anticipated issues in future EV mass production.

Director, Executive Vice President,
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Hideyuki Sakamoto
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Free of charge
Special Lecture ①
International Conference Room, Conference Tower 7F

November 2 (Fri.) 13:30~14:30

Monodukuri Revolution with AI and IoT

AI & IoT would change Manner of Monodukuri. In that sense, Software should be a key technology in the Monodukuri Sector. Especialy in the IoT field, Discentralized Autonomic Organization should be crucial. We have to focus on not only Edge Computing technology, but also Blockchain technology sharing with Fintech application.

Former Vice Chairman
Fujitsu Ltd.
Chiaki Ito
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Free of charge
Special Lecture ②
Reception Hall B, Conference Tower 1F

November 5 (Mon.) 13:00~14:00

Building Adequate Relationship between Humans and Machines - Current state of AI applications and the possibility in future -

The history and definition of Artificial Intelligence and current progressions in human-agent interaction HAI will be presented. Also, possibility of applying AI to business and industry will be presented.

Professor, National Institute of Informatics Professor,
Sokendai Visiting Professor,
Tokyo Institute of Technology,
Ex-president, advisor, JSAI
Seiji Yamada
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Free of charge
Special Lecture ③
Reception Hall A, Conference Tower 1F

November 6 (Tue.) 11:00~12:00

The daughter of the small local factory-taking over her family business-

Ms.Takako Suwa, the daughter of a small local factory, took over her family business suddenly. How did she overcome management crises, and what did she consider the most important things at that time? Based on her experience, she will give us a lecture about management reforms and human resource development in a way to understand easily.

President & CEO
Daiya Seiki Co.,LTD.
Takako Suwa
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