FAQ for Exhibitors

Booth Decorations

  • Can you tell us about the basic configuration of booths?
  • Can you tell us about the height restrictions on decorations?
  • Can you tell us about two story booths?
  • Can you tell us about banners inside the booths?
  • Can you tell us about decorations facing the aisles?

Delivery and Removal

  • What is the delivery/removal plan?
  • How are the starting dates for delivery and removal assigned?
  • Can we start decorating our booth before our delivery starting date?
  • Can we start removal on the last day of the exhibition?
  • How can we obtain vehicle passes?
  • Is it possible to obtain additional vehicle passes?


  • How large are the invitations?
  • Do you provide invitations?
  • Is it possible to receive additional invitations?
  • Will you only send invitations?
  • Do the invitations come with envelopes?
  • How soon will additional invitations be delivered?
  • Will our company name be printed on the invitations?

Exhibitor Passes

  • What is the difference between exhibitor pass type A and type B?
  • What information is printed on the exhibitor passes?
  • How do we apply for exhibitor passes?
  • Can we order additional exhibitor passes?
  • When will the exhibitor passes be delivered?
  • How can we apply for exhibitor passes for co-exhibitors / represented exhibitors?
  • What is the period of validity for the exhibitor passes?

Admission Pass Readers

Other Questions

  • How should we deal with waste?
  • How should we deal with scrap metal?