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Next-generation grinding machines
Corporate introduction
- Grinding machines with greater precision for greater efficiency -
Mazak booth will feature several machine tools, laser cutting machines, and automation systems, including state-of-the-art machines.
INTEGREX AG series that integrates gear cutting and measurement functions, and VARIAXIS j-600/5X AM that combines metal additive manufacturing and cutting will be exhibited.
INTEGREX i-H series that revolutionize manufacturing processes through AI, digital twin, and process integration, VARIAXIS NEO series that enhanced automation and environmental performance, and other latest models will also be introduced along with a variety of automation proposals.
The latest VCN series with expanded machinable workpiece sizes and HCN NEO series that was improved environmental performance will also be shown.
FG-400 NEO 3D fiber will be exhibited, which can complete the entire process from material to unloading in a single machine.
CNC turning center, including the QUICK TURN series, will be on display, offering programing demonstrations for high-mix, low-volume production.
Key way broaching HORN
HORN, Paul Horn GmbH
Gear broaching on a turning machine with HORN inserts type S117 and N110.
High speed machining for aluminum with helical end mill "Dori Mill"
Iwata Tool Co.,Ltd.
This is a short version of a processing video by Mr. Kero, a YouTuber who is a manufacturing system.

Full version here

You can actually see the capabilities of the new product "Dori Mill" in the booth.
Please come to Iwata Tool W1027!
Machining by electro-permanent magnetic chuck
Electro-permanent magnetic chuck is the magnetic chuck which magnetic power can be turn on and turn off by electricity. Very large current in a very short time makes magnetic power gigantic. Thus the work-piece can be clampled firmly and can be machined.
Nitto Kohki group
Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
Nitto Kohki Group Introduction Video
A company which produces value through craftsmanship. Shibaura Machine.
This is a company introduction video of Shibaura Machine.

A company which produces value through craftsmanship. Shibaura Machine.
Since our founding in 1938, we have continued producing a variety of industrial machinery in support of social and industrial development.
Shibaura Machine’s technologies have evolved with the times based on revolution and innovation. Our history testifies to the evolution of a variety of industrial fields.
machine guard Strong series
Satech Safety Technology Ltd
Strong series
[Automatic CAM] [Cloud CAM] [3D Printing] Capabilities enabled by SPATIAL SDKs
Automatic CAM Capabilities enabled by SPATIAL SDKs
Features of next generation standard chuck BR, contributes to high productivity
Kitagawa Corporation
Introducing the next-generation standard chuck BR series
・Improving process capability by high gripping accuracy of 0.01mm T.I.R. or less
・Reducing jaw lift
・Interchangeable with B-200 and BB200
・By using Tnut-Plus, jaw-reforming is unnecessary

#BRseries #TnutPlus
#kitagawa #globalhand