Information on the JIMTOF official website
  • A range of digital promotional tools can be accessed on the JIMTOF official website before the fair starts. Free to all exhibitors, the website serves as a way to release time-sensitive news from the top page and includes an online catalogue containing information spotlighting a company’s noteworthy news and products.
  • Plans are in place to expand services following JIMTOF 2022, in addition to functions to stream videos both before and after the fair. Information is continuously released to the press and buyers before the start of the fair to attract visitors to booths and enhance the effectiveness of business meetings.
Collection of Visitor Data
JIMTOF has introduced a visitor management system, which enables accurate visitor counts and timely and efficient customer management. Data collected on visitors is helpful to exhibitors when following up with contacts after the fair.
Exhibitor Workshops
Exhibitors can make use of workshops to introduce cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Featured on the official website and in a wide variety of printed materials released by the organizers, these exhibitions can serve as a way to increase visibility.
Advertising for Exhibitors
JIMTOF exhibitors will be able to take exclusive advantage of a range of advertising media, including billboards in the site, as well as on the official website.