1. Booth Rental Fees
Exhibitor Type Exhibitor Type Exhibitor Type Consumption Tax (10%) Total
Members from
organizing associations
9m2 (3m×3m) JPY 340,000 JPY 34,000 JPY 374,000
Members from cooperating
organizations and overseas
9m2 (3m×3m) JPY 380,000 JPY 38,000 JPY 418,000
(Japan and overseas)
9m2 (3m×3m) JPY 460,000 JPY 46,000 JPY 506,000
"Overseas associations" are associations that have taken part as Exhibitors in the International Information Center at the last three JIMTOF events.* "Members of overseas associations" are members who have applied as exhibitors for JIMTOF via the overseas association to which they belong. Overseas governmental agencies located in Japan that have been approved by the Organizers are subject to the same conditions as overseas associations.
*Please see the official website for more information on overseas associations.
A 10% discount will be offered to exhibitors who apply for 21 or more booths at one location. (This discount does not apply in the case of 20 booths or less.)
For example, if a member of an overseas association applies for 30 booths,
  1- 20 booth(s): 20 booths x JPY 380,000 = JPY 7,600,000
21- 30 booths  : 10 booths x JPY 342,000 = JPY 3,420,000
+10% consumption tax: JPY 1,102,000    TOTAL AMOUNT: JPY 12,122,000
Booth specifications
Space only (If the Exhibitor requires partitions, the Organizers will provide standard size partitions free of charge. Please note that if the partitions are installed, the booth space will be reduced by the partitions’ degree of thickness.)
*Please refer to the “Exhibitors’ Manual” for information about booth packages, including basic decor.
The booth rental fee includes the following:
  1. Exhibition space during the Fair as well as delivery/removal periods. (Please note that the Organizers will notify Exhibitors about delivery / removal periods under separate cover.)
  2. Exhibitors' badges valid for the duration of the exhibition. (Please note that the number of badges included in the booth rental fee differs according to the size of the booth.)
  3. Visitor invitations*1
  4. Listing in various printed materials for the Fair published by the Organizers and on the JIMTOF official website.*2 
*1 Exhibitors will be notified about distribution methods for visitor invitations under separate cover.
*2 Co-exhibitors and represented companies can be listed at an additional cost.
  (Please refer to item (2) under section 2-2 for definitions of "Co-exhibitors and represented companies".)
Payment of utilities and service fees (after the Fair)
The Organizers will invoice Exhibitors for use of the following utilities and services after the Fair.
  1. Electricity, water supply and drainage, compressed air, communication equipment, and flooring work
  2. Visitor invitation fees (if the number of invitations exceeds the specified number)
  3. Meeting or conference rooms
  4. Advertisements in printed materials published by the Organizers
  5. Visitor registration system
  6. Organization of Exhibitor workshops
  7. Registration of information on co-exhibitors and represented companies
  8. Other paid services provided by the Organizers
*Please see the "Exhibitors’ Manual" and other documents for more details.
Charges, fees and commissions
Any and all fees and charges that may arise with respect to the payment of fees related to participation in the Fair (such as remittance charges, Japanese yen exchange handling fees, commissions for receiving and remitting payment in foreign currency, correspondent bank charges, inward remittance charges, etc.) shall be borne by the Exhibitor. If the full payment is not made, the Exhibitor shall be required to pay to the Organizers, in addition to the shortfall, an amount of not more than JPY 10,000 to cover extra administrative expenses resulting therefrom.
2. Exhibition Application and Agreement
Application period
Exhibitor Type Application Period
Members from organizing associations, cooperating organizations, and overseas associations 9:00 on Monday, October 2 to 23:59 on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 (JST)
Non-members (Japan and overseas) 9:00 on Wednesday, November 1 to 23:59 on Thursday, November 30, 2023 (JST)
*Please note that applications will only be accepted during the above period.
*Applications are not handled on a first-come, first-served basis. The Organizers take exhibit types and other factors into account when making decisions on applications.
*Some applications may not be accepted for the reasons stated in 2-4.
How to apply
  1. Please apply online using the "Exhibitor Application Form" on the official JIMTOF website. Applications submitted via other methods will not be accepted.
    First-time Exhibitors at JIMTOF are requested to submit materials that provide an overview of the exhibit items (with identifiable categories) and company information via post or email.
  2. If multiple companies apply to use the same booth, one company shall act as the representative and be responsible for the application, payment of fees, and all other required procedures.
    For Exhibitors who are not the representative Exhibitor:
    • Exhibitors with their own employees, products, and services at the exhibit booth shall be considered "co-exhibitors."
    • Exhibitors without their own employees at the booth, but offer their own products and services shall be considered "represented companies”.
    Co-exhibitors and represented companies may register separately for a fee after the application is approved.
  3. If a trading company or distributor applies as an Exhibitor on behalf of a manufacturer, they shall submit a written agreement or authorization letter from the manufacturer of the products in any format via post or email at the time of application. If applying on behalf of an Exhibitor that is an overseas manufacturer, the written agreement or authorization letter must be in Japanese or English.
  4. The representative submitting the application must have the appropriate authority within the applicant organization to sign the agreement to exhibit at the Fair.
  5. Should any of the information provided in or with the application change at a later date, please notify the JIMTOF Fair Management Office at Tokyo Big Sight Inc. as soon as possible to obtain approval.
〈Contact details (for questions about the “Exhibitor Application Form” and general inquiries)〉
JIMTOF Fair Management Office, Tokyo Big Sight Inc.
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063 JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-5530-1333
E-mail: jimtof@tokyo-bigsight.co.jp

〈Contact details (for the following members of organizing associations and cooperating organizations)〉
Payment methods and other matters vary by organization. Please contact the relevant organization for more information.

Application timeline (*Subject to change)
Application approvals and booth adjustments
After an application is received, the Organizers will notify the applicant in writing to officially inform them that the application for participation in the Fair has been approved by the end of January 2024. The Organizers reserve the right to adjust the number of the booths requested or reject applications based on previous exhibitions if the number of applications exceeds the exhibition floor capacity or a review of the application reveals irregularities. In this case, the Organizers will notify applicants in writing by the end of January 2024. The Organizers or cooperating organizations shall not be liable for damage in the event that the Organizers adjust the number of booths or reject an application.
Exhibition agreement
The agreement shall be deemed concluded when the Organizers send the official notification to the applicant that the application for participation in the Fair has been approved, upon which the applicant shall acquire the right to use the exhibition space as an Exhibitor.
Payment terms
The Organizers will send Exhibitors the first invoice for 50% of the booth rental fee by the end of January 2024, together with official notification that the application for participation in the Fair has been approved. Exhibitors shall remit the amount specified to the designated bank account by the due date indicated on the invoice. The Organizers will also send Exhibitors a second invoice for the balance of the booth rental fee by the end of April 2024, after which Exhibitors shall remit the amount specified to the designated bank account by the due date indicated on the invoice. (Bank handling charges shall be borne by Exhibitors.) If an Exhibitor is a member of a cooperating organization, the organization may handle billing and collect fees on behalf of the Organizers. However, the Organizers may invoice the booth rental fee in one lump sum, if necessary.
Allocation of exhibition spaces
The Organizers will determine the allocation of exhibition spaces* (please refer to Article 2 of the "Provisions of the Exhibition Agreement for JIMTOF 2024," P. 11) and will notify Exhibitors about booth allocations, together with the second invoice requesting payment for the balance of the booth rental fee. Exhibitors have no right to oppose or request changes with respect to the space allocated. Exhibitors may not, in part or all, sell/buy, pledge, transfer or sublease allocated spaces to any third party, except for co-exhibitors and represented companies. (Please refer to item (2) under section 2-2 for more information on "Co-exhibitors and represented companies".)
*In principle, booths will be allocated based on exhibit categories. However, booth allocations may not be limited by category depending on the number of applications and other factors.
Cancellation or modification of the exhibition agreement
Exhibitors may not cancel or modify the exhibition agreement, in principle, whether in whole or in part, once the agreement has been signed, except to the extent that the Exhibitor notifies the Organizers of such intention in writing or otherwise and obtains its consent thereon, in which event, however, the Exhibitor shall be required to pay a penalty to Organizers in the amount set forth in the table below, according to the date that the Organizers receive notification in writing or otherwise from the Exhibitor.
Deadline Cancellation fee
After the date on which 50% of the booth rental fee is due
(first invoice) until the date on which the balance of the booth
rental fee (second invoice) is due
50% of the booth rental fee
(total amount inclusive of tax)
On or after the date on which the balance of
the booth rental fee (second invoice) is due
100% of the booth rental fee
(total amount inclusive of tax)
On or after the date on which the lump sum payment for
the booth rental fee is due
100% of the booth rental fee
(total amount inclusive of tax)

If the Exhibitor has already paid the booth rental fee, all or part of such fees shall be applied to the cancellation fee. In addition, the amount of the cancellation fee to be paid when a part of the Exhibition Agreement is cancelled shall be calculated based upon the amount of the cancellation fee corresponding to the size of the space. If an Exhibitor loses its status as a member of an organizing association, cooperating organization, or overseas association, this shall constitute a modification of the agreement, and the status of the Exhibitor thereunder shall be changed to that of a "non-member." In this case, the Organizers shall charge the Exhibitor for the amount to cover the difference in the booth rental fee. If the Exhibitor does not start using the allocated exhibition space by 13:00 on Monday, November 4, 2024, the Organizers will deem the agreement cancelled, and the Exhibitor will lose the right to use the space. In this case, the Organizers will not refund the paid-up amount for the booth rental fee and other fees to the Exhibitor. Furthermore, the Organizers and cooperating organizations shall not be liable for any damage caused by such actions.

  • Please see here for more details of the General Regulations (3-1 to 5-10). (PDF )
  • Please see here for more details of the Provisions of Exhibition Agreement for JIMTOF 2024. (PDF )