Other Services

International Lounge

This lounge is available for visitors and exhibitors from overseas.
Beverages and snacks are served. Wi-Fi is also available.

Prayer Room

The Visitor & Business Center has a prayer room available to visitors.
It can be used by anyone free-ofcharge between 9:00 and 18:00.
A sink and a compass are installed. Please let a Business Center staff member know before using.

Place : Visitor & Bisiness Center at Entrance Hall


You can get the free Wi-Fi for foreign visitors. Please make sure "How to connect" below.
【How to connect】
  1. Turn the Wi-Fi button on.
  2. Select "JIMTOF2016_Free_Wi-Fi_1" or "JIMTOF2016_Free_Wi-Fi_2 ".
  3. Launch the browser.
  4. When the right screen appears, your connection is complete.
  5. Enter your e-mail address.
*You can also get the free Wi-Fi by your PC.
Transportation/Accommodation/Dining Service
Transportation/Accommodation/Dining Service