Catalogue Exhibition

The catalogue exhibition corner is set up to provide a location to supply information such as company advertisements and product guides to visitors. Please make use of this space for promoting your company. If you wish to use the catalogue exhibition corner, submit Order Form 22 on the Exhibitors Website by October 5 (Wed.) and send one copy of the catalogue you plan to exhibit (enclose a Japanese version if available) to the Fair Management Office.
  1. Exhibition period
    November 17 (Thu.) - November 22 (Tue.), 2016, 6 days
  2. Exhibit location
    South Concourse at West Hall 2F
    (Passage from the main entrance of Tokyo Big Sight to the West Halls.)
  3. Specifications and Price
    JPY 21,600 (Tax included) *Special price for exhibitors
    Exhibition target
    Manufacturers, rms, and organizations connected to exhibition products noted in the exhibition outline
    Exhibition Space
    For one A4-sized catalog
    *Company name and booth number are provided
    Catalogue, CD-R, DVD, etc.
    Provided amount
    Approx. 300 catalogues
    Provided data
    Provide data of visitors who request catalogues
    Delivery period
    November 14 (Mon.) to 16 (Wed.)
    Delivery address
    Business Development Division
    3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, JAPAN
  4. Management
    • Fair Management staff members will be regularly assigned to the catalogue exhibition corner and will perform catalogue distribution and management duties during the exhibition period. There will be no individual space in the area for the exhibitors themselves.
    • Visitors can receive a catalogue after allowing their visitor data to be scanned and recorded. Even if a catalogue is out of stock, the visitor data of persons desiring a catalogue will be scanned so that you can directly send them a catalogue at the later date.
    • After the fair has ended, the scanned visitor data will be presented to exhibitors.
    • Remaining copies of catalogues will either be returned to the exhibitors at the site or disposed of by Fair Management Office.
    (If you did not pick up the remaining catalogues until the last day of the fair, it would be disposed.)
  5. Decisions and detailed regulations
    • The position of the exhibition rack will be determined by Fair Management Office. After positions are determined, “Regulations for Use of Catalogue Exhibition” will be sent by October 28 (Fri.). Please adhere to these regulations.
    • Usage fees will be billed to the user after the fair.