Please see from here for Additive Manufacturing Area in JIMTOF 2022 Guide to Exhibit (PDF)
Please see from here for Provisions of Exhibition Agreement for Additive Manufacturing Area in JIMTOF 2022 (PDF)
1. Booth Rental Fee
Exhibit Plan Booth Rental Fees
per Booth (Tax included)
Member’s Booth Rental Fees*
per Booth (Tax included)
9m2 Plan
(3m × 3m)
JPY 396,000 JPY 231,000
6m2 Plan
(2m × 3m)
JPY 264,000 JPY 154,000
*“Member” refers to Member of Organizers, Cooperating Organizers, and Overseas Associations of JIMTOF2022.
A 30% discount is applied to the portion of the fee that exceeds 4 booths for the application of 5 booths or more. (No discount for 4 booths or less)
Booth specifications:
Space Only. (If the exhibitor needs partitions, Organizers will prepare partitions that they have.) For package booths including basic decorations, please refer to "Exhibitors’ Manual".
Booth rental fee include the following:
  1. Exhibition space during the fair as well as the delivery/removal periods.
  2. Exhibitors' badges.*
  3. Visitor invitations.*
  4. Listing on the Official Guidebook and JIMTOF Official Website.
*The number of them provided differ according to the size of booth.
Payment of utility usage and service fees (after the fair):
We charge for the utility usage and service as below after the fair.
  1. Use of electricity, water supply & drainage, compressed air, communication equipment, and flooring works
  2. Visitor Invitations' fee beyond the provided number
  3. Exhibitor Workshops in the area
  4. Advertisements on the organizer-issued printed materials
  5. Utilizing Visitor Registration System
  6. Publication of information on co-exhibitors and represented companies in the official guidebook and on the official website.
  7. Other services provided by Organizers
*Please see the "Exhibitors’ Manual" for more details.
2. Qualified Exhibitors
Companies and organizations dealing with the following products
  1. Additive Manufacturing Machine / 3D printer
  2. Associated Equipment and Software for Additive Manufacturing Machine
  3. Additive Manufacturing
  4. Manufacturing / 3D printing Services
  5. Associated Equipment with Measuring
  6. Materials
  7. Other Associated Machinery and Equipment, Technology
3. Exhibition Application
Application Period
9:00 a.m. Oct. 1 (Fri.),2021 - 11:59 p.m. Feb. 28 (Mon.),2022
*Applications are not accepted outside the above period Japan Time.
* Some application may not be accepted depending on the situations of application.
Application to exhibit
  1. Application to exhibit at Additive Manufacturing Area in JIMTOF 2022 will be accepted only via our official website.
    If you would like to exhibit, please apply using the exhibitor application form below.

    Application Form only for the Additive Manufacturing Area
    Application to exhibit has been closed.
    Both Members and Non-members can apply using the same form.
    Please select the applicable type in "1. Application type".
    Click the form on the left for members of organizers, cooperating organizations, and domestic non-members companies.
    For members of overseas associations and overseas non-members companies, please apply from the form on the right.
  2. In the case of multiple companies applying to exhibit using the same booth, one company shall conduct all the necessary procedures as a representative, including the application, payment of various fees, etc.
    For exhibitors who are not the representative exhibitor:
    • Those with their company's own employees, products, and services provided at the exhibit booth shall be considered "Co-exhibitors".
    • Those without their company’s own employees at the exhibit booth but with their own products and services, provided shall be considered "Represented Companies".
      After approval of the exhibitor application, co-exhibitors and represented companies may register separately for a fee.
  3. The person making the application must have authority within the applicant organization for signing a contract to exhibit at this area.
  4. Should any of the information provided on or with the application change at a later date, please notify the JIMTOF Fair Management Office at Tokyo Big Sight Inc. as soon as possible and obtain its approval.
Application Schedule (It may be changed according to the situations)
Application Acceptance and Payment Terms
After receipt of the application, Organizers will notify the applicant in writing as the official acknowledgement of participation in the exhibition by the end of March 2022.The agreement shall be deemed concluded when Organizers send the official acknowledgement of participation in the exhibition to the applicant. Then, Organizers will send the exhibitor the invoice of the booth rental fee after acknowledge the participation in the exhibition officially, which the exhibitor shall remit to the specified bank account by the due date stated on the invoice.
(Bank handling charges are the liability of exhibitor.) 
Cancellation or Modification of Exhibition Agreement
The exhibitor may not cancel or modify the exhibition agreement, in principle, whether in whole or in part, except to the extent that the exhibitor notifies Organizers of such intention in writing or otherwise and obtains its consent thereon, in which event, however, the exhibitor shall be required to pay a penalty to Organizers in the amount set forth in the table below, with the day on which Organizers receives the notification in writing or otherwise from the exhibitor as reference.
Deadline Cancellation fee
After the due date of payment of the booth rental fee to be made in a lump 100% of the booth rental fee (total amount inclusive of the tax)

*When applying for this area, please check the "Provisions of Exhibition Agreement for Additive Manufacturing Area in JIMTOF 2022" in conjunction with this Exhibition Guidelines.