• What is an admission pass?
  • An admission pass is a card that gives the name, occupation and company of the visitor. You can print this out in color on A4 paper in advance by yourself. You can obtain this immediately after registering. A qr code is printed on the surface. This will be scanned when you enter the site. There will be holders that you can put your admission pass into at the site.
  • Can I enter the site if I have an invitation or advance ticket?
  • You need to register before entering the site. After registering, please print out your admission pass in color on A4 paper in advance and bring it with you to the site. You can also print out your admission pass at the site on the day of the exhibition. If you have an admission pass, you can enter the site without any further procedures.
  • How can I register?
  • There are two ways to register.
    (1) You can register from the admission registration page on the official website (starting on September 1 (Thu.))
    (2) You can register at the site on the day of the exhibition
  • Can I use the ID number that is printed on my invitation or advance ticket more than once?
  • You can only use one ID number to register once. You cannot use the same ID number again.
  • Is it possible to register as a group?
  • You can only register as an individual. Group registration is not possible. (However, this does not apply to groups of students. Please click here if you are a student and wish to register as a group.)
  • Can I enter the site without registering beforehand?
  • If you visit the site without registering beforehand, you can enter by completing the registration procedures at the site on the day of the exhibition. If you do not have either an invitation or advance ticket, you will need to pay the entry fee of 3,000 yen (tax included).
  • Will it take a lot of time to be issued an admission pass at the site on the day of the exhibition?
  • It may take a certain amount of time to complete the procedures to issue you with an admission pass on the day of the event depending on the congestion situation. In addition, if the venue is congested, you may have to wait. Therefore, please pre-register on the website, print out your admission pass, and bring it with you for a smooth entry process without having to go through any procedures at the venue.
  • Once registered, can I enter the site repeatedly during the period of the exhibition?
  • Your admission pass will be valid for the entire period of the exhibition. You can enter the site as many times as you want.
  • Can other people use my admission pass?
  • Only the person who registered can use the admission pass. If any other person besides the owner of the admission pass is found to be using it, the admission pass may be invalidated.
  • Can children enter the site?
  • Students in junior high school and younger children can only enter the site when accompanied by a guardian (no registration is required). There will be many machines being demonstrated at the site. Therefore, please be careful and hold your child's hand. This is especially important if you visit the site with young children. Fair Management will assume no responsibility for any accidents due to carelessness at the site.
  • Will a receipt be issued?
  • No receipt will be issued for tickets purchased online.
    When you complete the online admission registration, your admission ticket purchase information in the "Registration Complete" e-mail, or the invoice from your credit card company can be considered as your purchase receipt.
    If you purchase admission tickets at the venue on the day of the event, a receipt will be issued upon request.
  • Can I print my admission pass at the venue?
  • Admission pass issuance machines will be available at the venue.
  • Can I get a refund for the fee I paid when I registered for admission?
  • No refunds will be made for registration fees which have already been paid. We appreciate your understanding.