Concurrent Programs
Lectures and seminars
In addition to the International Machine Tool Engineers' Conference (IMEC), which focuses on the trend of cutting-edge technologies, current information on manufacturing will be offered with authorities and pioneers in various industries as lecturers.
Achievement in JIMTOF 2018 IMEC2018, Technological innovation needed for EV performance improvement, AI and IoT, Current state of AI applications and possibility in future, Taking over the family business
Special Exhibit by organizers
The attraction of Mono-Zukuri will be shown through the special exhibitions, where visitors can experience the profundity and the latest trends of Mono-Zukuri.
Achievement in JIMTOF 2018 Connected industries SHOWCASE @JIMTOF2018 ~A New Era of Manufacturing IoT + Manufacturing = Challenge for ‘Connect’ ~, Fighting for the Win ~innovation and evolution in motor sports manufacturing~
Programs for students
Information will be provided in order to get students interested in the world of Mono-Zukuri and to be of help in their future.
Achievement in JIMTOF 2018 Top Seminar by Machine Tool Manufacturers~ Welcome to the Promising Field of Machine Tools~, Introductory Seminar "for Students" on the Manufacturing Industry
Promotional Activities for Visitors
Advertising and Publicity Campaigns
An announcement of JIMTOF 2022 will be posted in national newspapers and trade papers and on various internet media. And influential foreign media specialized in machine tools will be encouraged to run articles to introduce JIMTOF in advance and to cover the fair at the venue.
【Countries and regions of media at JIMTOF 2018】
China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and U.S.A.
Promotional Activities Related to Trade Fair Around the World
Activities to call for participation in JIMTOF and to attract visitors to the fair will be conducted at related trade fair at Japan and abroad. Especially as an overseas promotion, JIMTOF will be publicized for local people concerned by setting up a booth for PR and holding a press conference.
【Achievements in JIMTOF 2018 (overseas)】
CCMT (China), CIMT (China), EMO Hannover (Germany), IMTEX (India), IMTS (U.S.A.), InterMold Thailand (Thailand), METALEX (Thailand), METALLOOBRABOTKA (Russia), SIMTOS (Korea), TIMTOS (Taiwan), etc
Delivery of Information on the Official Website and Social Media
Through our official website, which has access of over 1.2 million PV per month, we disseminate information of the fair, including various seminars, other programs. Furthermore, we will post updates on the our official social media (Facebook and Twitter).
Delivery of Information via E-Mail Newsletter
E-mail newsletter will be sent to past JIMTOF visitors and those who have registered in JIMTOF 2022 continuously in order to generate interest for the period up to the fair.
Request for Cooperation in Japan to Attract Visitors
To increase the number of visitors, we will conduct organizational promotion activities such as requesting the cooperation from industrial associations, administrative agencies, and concerned bodies throughout Japan.